Afghanistan’s Drug Career: from War to Drug Economy

This new AAN thematic report (with SWP Berlin) by German scholar Citha D. Maass looks into the beginnings and the evolution of drug production in Afghanistan during its three decades-long war. Starting with the Western-supported anti-Soviet jihad in 1979, drug production became a major base for the country’s war economy. After the fall of the […]

Pashtunwali – tribal life and behaviour among the Pashtuns

‘Doing Pashto: Pashtunwali as the ideal of honourable behaviour and tribal life among the Pashtuns’ – this new thematic report by Lutz Rzehak provides an overview about the way of life of the Pashtuns, often called Pashtunwali. The term features prominently when civilian and military actors in Afghanistan discuss ways of engaging the civilian population […]

Untangling Afghanistan’s 2010 Vote: Analysing the electoral data

This new briefing paper by Martine van Bijlert provides a backdrop to the controversies surrounding the 2010 parliamentary vote. It presents an overview of the main publicly available electoral data and maps what information has been provided, what conclusions can be drawn and what information is still missing – either because it was not shared […]

The Battle for Afghanistan: Zabul and Uruzgan

Martine van Bijlert, New America Foundation, September/October 2010 The paper by AAN’s Martine van Bijlert is part of a NAF series on Conflict and Militancy. It explores and compares the origin and evolution of the Taleban networks in Uruzgan and Zabul. The study is based on several hundred interviews by the author over the course […]

Who Controls the Vote? Afghanistan’s Evolving Elections

AAN’s latest report, by Martine van Bijlert, provides the first in-depth analysis of the 2009 provincial council elections and presents important clues on what the parliamentary vote on 18 September will look like. It argues that, contrary to what some internationals hope, the upcoming vote will again be messy, fiercely contested and manipulated at all […]

Afghanistans Parlamentswahl 2010: Verpasste Wahlrechtsreformen und politische Manöver schwächen neues Parlament

Citha D. Maass and Thomas Ruttig: Afghanistan’s 2010 Parliamentary Vote – Missed Chances for Electoral Reform and Political Manoeuvring Weaken the New Parliament, SWP-Aktuell 2010/A 66, September 2010 An analysis (in German) of the situation before the 18 September Afghan parliamentary vote, of missed chances for election reform and a resulting weak judicial framework for […]

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